Client Testimonials

Quotes and reviews from Sound Center clients.


"Jared has always been an integral part of our sound team… Live and in the studio. His attention to detail and commitment to a project is what separates him from the rest"

Keys N Krates (Dim Mak/Mad Decent)


“Not only is J. Paul an AMAZING engineer… He’s also a stand up dude who is more than a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend him to anyone, ANY day. Thanks for all your help J!"

Bijou (Night Bass)


"If audio-engineering was a sport then J. Paul would be Babe Ruth because he hits it out of the park every time (see what I did there?). Any time I need a mix that requires care and a sense of direction, I can call upon J for that extra touch that brings it to the finish line with pride and conviction."

Cheapshot (Math Club Music)


“Whenever I’m in need of a proper mastering job done quick and done right, J.Paul always comes through for me in a pinch with killer results!”

Grandtheft (Dim Mak/Mad Decent)


“Jared is one of the more multi-talented guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He brings a ton of passion and technical expertise to the studio, be it a full master of a finished track, applying the right polish to a promotional mix or anything in between.  He also draws on a deep musical background across many different styles of music which makes him super versatile. Highly recommend his services.”

dLo ( Records/Liquid V/Plush Recordings)


“Jared is one of those individuals that seemingly, is always evolving his process. When working with him on numerous projects, I found my sound being pushed to new levels.”

Quentin Hiatus (Free Love Digi/RAM Records)


“My tracks that have been mastered by (you) have a huge and clean presence on the dance floor compared to the competition - (you) is 100% my go to for any of my tracks that I need to be dance floor ready”

Fuhnetik/Repose (119 Sound)


“Mr. Jackson, (J.Paul,) is a very reliable and professional sound engineer, musician and remixer. We have used his services in past years from remixing to mastering. His adaptation and knowledge of various music genres is a valuable asset to his unique skill set in the studio.”

Rod Carrillo (Carillo Music/Dance Music Label)


“Jared at the sound center has always completely crushed any project I have thrown his way.  Not only is he giving me exactly the sound I was looking for with a quick turnaround, but he’s also super enjoyable to work with.”

Stephen Tucker (Pretty Handsome)

ob one

“What can I say about this guy other than he’s on point, both as a production partner & engineer. He started with our first release Bass4yaface & has only improved since. Over ?? releases later… he’s as good as any traditionally trained engineer out there. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah, and he’s also a nice guy too.”

Ben “Deejay OB-one” Garcia (119 Sound/HavocNdeeD/SKAM)

jim unity of noise

“I have had mastering done for original music for over 18 years and have listened to masters for just about all genres.  Jared at Sound Center has literally blown everyone out of the water.  No matter what style, or genre my tracks always come back sounding amazing.”

Jim (Unity of Noise Records)


"Once I get my tracks sounding the best I can on my own, I always send them to J.Paul to push them to the maximum quality possible. I don't release anything til they've crossed the console at Sound Center and they always come back sounding more clean, mixed, mastered and commercially competitive than I ever could have imagined."

Braden Letronz

bogan via

"Working with J. Paul was an absolute dream. He's got a great ear for getting a polished sound and we couldn't be happier. Thank You!”

Bogan Via


“J. Paul has been a leader in this industry. He is extremely knowledgeable and immersed in music, but most of all, a great and honest friend. Its been a blessing to see all that he has done for the local musicians to the big touring artists he’s worked with, in and out of the studio.”

Lick (Deadbeats)

keith walker

“I’ve worked with Jared over the past 5 years and continue to do so because his abilities in the studio are second to none. His professionalism and brilliant attitude makes working with  him an absolute pleasure!”

Keith Walker (Snake Heart Society)


“Sound Center Music has provided exceptional sound editing service for our clients. Working with Jared, (J. Paul,) has always been easy and professional. The high quality results and quick turn arounds made us and our clients keep coming back.”

Angela Earl (President @ RFPIO)

king troublemaker

“Jared, (J. Paul,) is incredibly easy to work with – he's great with scheduling and tracking vocals, as well as organizing and transferring files – which has alleviated any problems recording my group while living on another continent."

Troublemaker (King Fantastic)

franz pheosia

“J. Paul has been there for me since the beginning of my photography career. Once he saw the potential in me he took me in like family. Having worked for J. Paul numerous times, he is the definition of professionalism when it comes to anything music related. Not only does he know his stuff, but he loves and enjoys doing it. If I were to pick and trust anyone with anything that deals with music, he is the man for the job!"

Francis L. (Pheosia)


"Working with Jared, (J.Paul,) was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had when it came to mixing and mastering. Fast, professional and he knows how to get every element in your mix to stand out. Definitely recommend!”

Fransis Derelle (Circus Records)

harley knox

"I’ve been going to J.Paul for a couple years now for mastering and he never disappoints. This guy really knows how to make your tunes pop and it’s always a speedy turn-around time. Grateful to know Jared and thankful for his blessed ears and his extensive experience in the studio!"

Harley Knox