About Us

“Sound Center” isn’t a new idea… but it IS a resurrection of a passion shared by a previous generation.

History of the "Sound Center"

In late 70’s Evanston, Wyoming… Jared “J.Paul” Jackson’s Grandfather, Bill R. Jackson Sr. started “Sound Center” as a one-stop music shop. Need a new guitar? Want the new hot single on vinyl, cassette or 8-track? Time for a fresh home or car stereo..? “Sound Center” was guaranteed to give you the best products & service directly from J’s Grandfather, Father, Mother &/or an extended family member.

Fast-forward a few decades & the only difference in “Sound Center” is an updated list of services & location. Even with these changes, the same passion for music & serving those in need of upping their musical creation & enjoyment is alive & well!

Cue J.Paul…

Who is J.Paul?

For his entire adult life, Jared "J.Paul" Jackson has worn many hats within the music industry. Musician, DJ, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Label Owner, Tour Manager, Production Manager… The list goes on & continues to grow.

In addition to the aforementioned Jared is also widely known as one of the co-creators of famed AZ club nights, “UK Thursdays,” & “Foul Play.” His individual & collective success through this time period allowed J.Paul to hone his skill set in the role(s) of Producer, DJ, Mixing, Mastering & Recording Engineer for “HavocNdeeD,” “119 Sound,” & his very own “Sound Center.”

Overall, J. Paul has accomplished many milestones in musical artistry through drums, keys, guitar, bass & many other “noise makers,” but it didn’t & doesn't stop there. This creativity & know-how has led to proficiency in management from the event production point of view, having done backline/tech work for literally thousands of acts & even serving as stage & production manager for some of the largest shows/productions in electronic music… not to mention being half a decade deep as Tour Manager & Sound Engineer for highly revered live electronic music trio, “Keys N Krates.”

Jared "J.Paul" Jackson is truly a man of many talents who may have played a role in one of the best nights of your life… or at least the soundtrack.

"Sound Center" Gallery

Get a detailed view of the historical images and current layout of "Sound Center", its repair facility & engineer J.Paul at work.